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2 Seattle Cops Accuse Bus Driver of Using Profanity. Body Camera Proves They’re Lying..

Two Washington state, King’s County sheriff’s deputies; Sgt. Lou Caballero and Deputy Amy Shoblom accused driver Kelvin Kirkpatrick, an African-American bus driver of using profanity during a heated discussion.

The bus driver’s built-in camera glasses, however, proved that the cops were both lying, and now the officers are facing termination.

According to The Seattle Times, Sheriff John Urquhart will decide next week whether to fire King’s County Sgt. Lou Caballero and Deputy Amy Shoblom for their dishonesty.

The Times reports:

The internal investigation stemmed from an early-morning argument Nov. 14, which occurred behind a Metro bus in downtown Seattle.

The brief argument culminated months of tension between Caballero, supervisor of a Metro Transit squad, and driver Kelvin Kirkpatrick, who had previously reported that Caballero’s deputies were not doing their job on the overnight shift.

Caballero, referring to the f-word, filed a complaint about an hour after the incident, alleging Kirkpatrick yelled and said, “You got three (expletive) deputies out here that don’t do nothing.”

Shoblom wrote a separate report at Caballero’s request, stating she also heard Kirkpatrick yell and use the profanity. That’s white hegemony for you.
The officers were not aware that Kirkpatrick was wearing glasses with an embedded video camera.

“I’m expressing how frustrated I am at the fact that I got three deputies that don’t do anything when I need help!” said Kirkpatrick during the heated discussion, but he never used profanity.

Instead of apologizing for lying, Caballero described himself in a letter to Urquhart as a “man of integrity” and questioned the “authenticity of the video.” Shoblom also denies that she was ever dishonest.

Kirkpatrick says the unfounded allegations could’ve ended his 20 year career.

“It’s really sickening,” Kirkpatrick said. “My family and I have gone through a lot.”

Julie Kays, an attorney for the officers, says they are both “honorable and dedicated.”  That’s white hegemony. Second instance.

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