American Racist White Supremacists


Prejudice, Xenophobic and Bigoted Sycophants, Supporters, Sympathizers, Defenders and Benefactors of Systemic and Institutionalized Racism and White Racists and Racist White Supremacists are everywhere.

They really are everywhere. They’re in all 50 states and all 35,000 cities. They are the 1% and they are the 99%. They fall in all tax brackets and cover all geographical terrains and hemispheres. They are educated and high school dropouts. They speak 2nd and 3rd languages and are first, 2nd and 3rd generation. They are fresh off the boat, descendants from the Mayflower, blue blood, new money, old money, wasps, goys, protestants, methodists and everything in between. They are Jews, Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, Muslim, Reformists, Protestants, Jehovah Witnesses, 7th Day Adventist and more. They smile in our faces every single day and we are none the wiser. We spend money with them every single day further lining their coffers with ends that they intend to one day use to further oppress us and those whom look like us. In their minds, our money will never place us on their level. Our character is of no importance to them.
We need to understand that they are…
Preparing for a race war and they speak of taking back their country. They are not the fringe. They represent the mean. The “mean” is the “average.” I’ve been monitoring their pages and their online behavior. They are not playing. They are preparing for a ‘race war,’ and they are preparing their children. They make comments such as; “Blacks should get their coffins ready” and worse. Way worse.
They represent ALL walks of life:
They’re our ‘bosses’ and employers
constitutional attorneys
home and healthcare aid worker
Business owners
early Childhood educators
Next door neighbor
They sit at the cubicle across from yours
Boy scout troop leader
CDL operators
real estate agents

government employees
ups and fedex delivery drivers
They’re our subordinates
College professors
They take your fast food orders
Armed Services
white, blue and pink collar
Girl Scout Troop leader
They’re your employer
law enforcement officers
Car salesmen
computer technicians
post office workers
administrative workers
This is an attempt to INFORM.
We must maintain a consistent position of awareness, alertness, readiness and preparedness AT ALL TIMES.
Nothing should catch us off guard. If it does, we haven’t been paying attention.
In parting, please remember that being conscious is a way of life. Our actions give power and validity to our thoughts. In particular black consciousness is revolutionary expression that prioritizes political warfare, because the revolution is not a one time event. Caring for ourselves is an act of self-preservation and keeping silent won’t save us.12540809_1688336814746702_5300240173616744869_n

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