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Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton BOTH supported reparations, just NOT for Descendants of American Chattel Enslavement

Four years ago Sanders did support a form of reparations—not for descendants of African slaves and victims of other injustices against African-Americans, but for Holocaust survivors and the families of those who were killed. The Vermont senator joined 18 colleagues in co-sponsoring the Holocaust Rail Justice Act, a bill to help survivors and families sue France’s national railway company, SNCF, for reparations.

A group of victims’ families called the Coalition for Holocaust Rail Justice pushed for a decade to get the railway to pay because it carried tens of thousands of Jews and other prisoners from France to German camps. SNCF officials have apologized and argued that the Nazis forced the railway to do it.

The Sanders-sponsored bill never came up for a vote. But in 2014, France agreed to send the U.S. State Department $60 million to be distributed to American Holocaust survivors and victims’ families. After the deal was announced, Sen. Chuck Schumer, one of the lead sponsors of the Holocaust Rail Justice Act, credited the bill for helping make the payments possible.

Clinton, too, has a history of explicit support for Holocaust reparations. During her husband’s administration, she was given an award by the World Jewish Congress for helping obtain reparations from the Swiss and German governments.

During her 2000 Senate campaign, Clinton was asked about the award, her position on Holocaust reparations, and whether she would endorse slavery reparations. Without answering directly, she said that “we have some mental and emotional and psychological reparations to pay first.”

We do owe … an apology [an apology?? what umma do wit dat? come up?] to African-Americans for hundreds of years of slavery [just slavery???] ,” she said, “but I think that the people I know [who she know? she don’t know me.] and the people I work with want us to stay focused on the future [can’t focus on the future when you refuse to address the past] , keep our economy going, keep providing good public [but y’all don’t do that tho] education, quality affordable healthcare—do the things that will enable people to have the best futures for themselves, and that’s what I’m committed to doing.

So all this to say…regarding; Hillary, Bernie, Trump Rubio, Cruz, & Kucinich, Chris Rock said it best; “peace pipe/crack pipe. Ultimately they are all the same thing. I’m just saying.





And now for a quote from Ta-Nehisi Coates;

“From 1619 until at least the late 1960s…

[he’s not being generous enough, it should really read ‘from 1619 until PRESENT day]

…AmeriKKKan institutions, businesses, associations and governments, federal, state and local, repeatedly plundered black communities. Their methods included everything from land theft to redlining to disenfranchisement to convict lease labor, to lynching to enslavement to the vending of Black children. So large was this plunder that AmeriKKKa as we know it today, is simply UNIMAGINABLE without it. Its great universities were founded on it, its early economy was built by it, its suburbs were financed by it, its deadliest wars were the result of it. One can’t evade these facts by changing the subject. Jim Crow and its legacy were not merely problems of disproportionate poverty.”



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