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We all have lived long enough to watch attentively as African struggle after struggle ended in unjust reforms which merely solved the problems of the ruling race/class and a few token Blacks.

Pathetically, cruelly, and unjustly Africans were fastened to a new form of slavery each time under a new name and a new technology. Study the white imperialist war of 1776, slave abolition civil war, and modern civil rights/freedom movements. Many will make excuses about this history. But soberly look at what happened, what was achieved, who benefited, who got what.

Messy, unprepared, unplanned, led by Blacks on the enslavers meal ticket, mystical/religious, sometimes cowardly, male led, egotistical, romanticized—these revolts were delaying the truest aspect of the African liberation movement. They could have been better prepared; they could have done more. They could have been independent. They were not.

What Should Be Done Today

Set about the preparation stealthily. The only thing that should interest us is the African renaissance in our lifetime

Carefully study the object conditions Africans are forced to live in today—first.

1. Be always well informed, be accurate, be honest, be prepared, be correct, and be scientific.

2. Be a kind to African women, youth, and men, always looking to improve the conditions of Africans and other oppressed populations.

3. Live truth, live principled lives, live honestly, live honorably, live correctly, live cleanly, live and work to see justice carried out.

4. Be demanding, force the issue, fight for the high road, fight for the offensive, make it clear that in order to do great things it is necessary to work, work, and work.

§ Minimize talk; maximize deeds. Be one of few words, who communications with only close members. Deeds, overwhelming deeds.
§ Honest, hard working, organized, driven.
§ Perfect revolution, practice revolution, live revolution
§ Never be seen without a book, study all of the time
§ Have a necessary precise, rigorous, disciplined, work ethic
Enter fertile conditions: Know the times, people, places, resources, purpose, and power.

1. Serious cultural, racial, social, economic, political event occurs in your region.
2. African people begin to talk about the problems and difficulties (what happen, when, where, who, why, how).
3. Group of serious people schedule meetings to discuss problem and what is done to resolve it.
4. Meetings are scheduled systematically once per week, 3 times per month, 9 month per year.
1. Code of ethics
2. Code of work
3. Code of commitment
5. Science of society is injected into discussions outline historical conditions that led up to this process. Talkers will leave.

6. Everybody wants to talk, in fact all most Black organizations do is talk/pray/beg and depend on enslavers—but words alone have never solved anything important move from discussion to study and form study to documentation.

Group will get smaller because many will come and leave when it becomes clear that they must change themselves before they can change others. (Look at how many Black people named Smith, Akbar, Silverman are running around trying to lead a Black movement for self knowledge and self correction and have not changed something as simple as their slave master’s name. Work with only those who are honest enough to clean themselves up. Adhere to the Maat code.

Note: Waste no time with African men and women who do a lot of talking, but have no practice. Stay away from men who do not take care of family responsibilities, and who will not finish anything that they start. Stay away from women who would rather be led around than lead.

Keep yourselves morally pure so that you can see degenerate sell-outs who attempt to infiltrate African organizations in service of the murderous white man. Know their families. Know their habits. Know their histories. Expose them factually in the open. In this period, many of our best and brightest will moonlight while selling their souls to the highest white/arab bidder. Cut ties with anyone whose deeds do not match their words. Most of these talkers are on the payrolls of enslavers.

Let them go their own way; do not waste time with them. Alertly, move on in life. Be finish with them and their families quietly in the dark—do not debate in public; do not air dirty laundry out in the open; do not tag along people who do not want to go. If they are not with you, essentially they are with the other populations who are busily holding you down. Accept only those willing to work; reward only deeds.

Those who just want to talk should be left to their pipe dreams, talking, fantasies and time-wasting. You must get to the work at hand. Always have a book to read. Always take notes. Always study to guide your actions. Do what is necessary to be successful.

Offer final solution to homelessness, hunger, lack of discipline, disrespect, dishonor, baseness, unemployment, underemployment, alienation, lack of purpose, lack of a mission, lack of redemption, lack of will, lack of meaning in life, health care, transportation, education, cultural practices, holidays, law, justice, family, morality, exercise, diet.


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