Black Women


When we see posts depicting the beauty of black women, why is it that they always represent the thin model like type? What about the sisters with a few extra lbs? We often see photos of thin sisters with pale skin and long flowing hair. What about the sisters who are rich in melanin? What about the Sisters with stretch marks, acne, cellulite and varicose veins? We see photos of sisters with weaves and wigs, but what about the sisters with short hair, coarse hair, or what some refer to as nappy? What about the sisters that rock Afros proudly? The ones with beautiful chocolate skin tone are pretty, but what about the sisters with hyperpigmentation? Sure sisters look great in beautiful expensive gowns and dresses, but what about the sisters in basic “off the rack” garb? We glorify the sisters that have large behinds and breasts, but what about the sisters that don’t? Aren’t all black women beautiful? We span the gamut and the images that represent us should as well. #TakeBlackWomenAsWeAre #FlawsAndAll

This post is inspired by a sister that spoke on this sentiment. She’s got a point and I do too.

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