Captain Higgins targets suspected gang members

“When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” Sinclair Lewis
Who polices the police?
What do you do when your protectors are your greatest threat?
Now that US armed bureaucrats and officers of the law are making ISIS style videos displaying their arms and might, and treating law enforcement like it’s a Hip Hop beef citizens better wake the fuck up, if you ain’t woke already.
These are supposed to be public servants, not an armed faction, not even our protectors, but our servants.
If your really think these Fascist and their pet Negro Leaders are not a bigger threat than gangs, just review history, and see who’s a bigger threat to liberty and social stability; Armed Government Sanctioned Agencies and Departments, or Gangbangers.
In fact the the Law Enforcement Formations enforce policies that breed gang activity and social disintegration like the War on Drugs; these Fascist are pretending to put out fires that they started.
One more think, if you think getting your own arms us, and barricading in your home is the solution, you better check our history again, that shit don’t even work for White folks (Ruby Ridge Standoff). We need Community, we need Collectivism; we need Statecraft, we need to construct counter System and our own Institutions to protect ourselves from the State, and the criminals that the State produces.
Guns don’t mean shit, we need organization, protocols, programs, and formations! Guns are props and tools, where the fuck are our blueprints and building materials, without that, you tools will rust or be more of a threat than a benefit to you.
They want us to disperse, to seek out individual solutions, to fear each other and depend on them for protection. Don’t fall for this shit, I’m telling yall; all of us can be made criminal and “hunted” with the passage of a bill, so don’t think being “law abiding” will save you either.

-Diallo Kenyatta

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