Criminalization of black children Across America

Studies show that justice for schoolchildren is not colorblind. Based on research, the treatment of Afrikan children throughout the United States is harsh, inappropriate and lacks empathy and care. That a childs’ skin color can affect how school systems and administrators choose to discipline children, is nothing short of heinous ignorance and immoral leadership. The disparity found within the color line coincides with the integration of public schools.

In 1972, suspension rates at the secondary level were 6 percent for “white” children and 12 percent for Afrikan children. At a 12 percent increase, in the past four decades, most recent figures show a staggering change for Afrikan children, as their suspension rate is now at 24 percent. A 1 percent upward tick, shows a virtually unchanged increase for “white” children in the same amount of time.

Afrikan girls comprise the fastest-growing segment of the juvenile justice population, with some studies claiming that they are suspended up to six times the rate of “white” girls.

The overreaction to the perceived misbehavior of Afrikan children, across America, both on the streets and in our schools, is indefensible, dishonorable and criminally corrupt.

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