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Devin Allen: “I’m Trying To Keep Freddie Gray’s Name Alive”

The Baltimore photographer and ‘Time’ contributor talks about his life and art.
Celebrating Black History Month isn’t just about recognizing the heroes who helped shape the present, but about today’s artists and the activists who continue to keep the legacies alive.

If you haven’t already met him, his name is Devin Allen and he represents Black Excellence.

Devin is a photojournalist, most notable for his Time magazine cover during the Baltimore riots. Since then, he’s continued to make a name for himself as one of the communities’ lead activists by mentoring kids in the community and teaching them photography as an alternative to the streets.

We trekked down to Philly to catch Devin’s first solo exhibit at Slought. The black and white display, titled “A Beautiful Ghetto”, gives its viewers an inside look at life in Baltimore.

“I came to Philly to really get hands on and unite my city,” Devin told REVOLT, as he describes the exhibit. “It’s Freddie Gray’s Baltimore.”

Check out the interview and a get a glimpse of the exhibit below:

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