Institutional Racism

East St. Louis teen to receive $900K settlement

We are not doing a good enough job of keeping these particular government sanctioned, law enforcement predators, their racist systems and institutions, away from our children and out of our lives.  Successful nation building involves protecting children.

Article Excerpt:

BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – The St. Clair County board approved a $900,000 settlement Monday night to an East St. Louis teen who says he was coerced into giving a false confession. Prosecutors charged then 17-year-old Trevon Yates in August 2013 with the robbery of a couple who was lured to a Belleville parking lot through a Craigslist sale.

Yates attorneys say he repeatedly professed his innocence and asked for his mother many times.

The attorneys say detectives coerced a confession from him. They also stated that Yates has diminished ability and didn’t understand what he was doing.

Charges were dismissed after Yates spent nine months in jail.

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