Ga Tech Recruit Jordan Johnson, Decommits After Campus Police Racially Profiled Him & His Mom

What the people say:

“Sometimes people have to go through humiliation, in order to stop disrespecting themselves. You think getting a scholarship to a white institution is winning? Too bad some of us won’t learn from others”-D.B.
“This right here…when black athletes start using their influence and muscle to put colleges on blast,,.that’s when shit will start to change. These schools make huge money off these young folks and it would be a beautiful thing to see black athletes start telling historically white colleges to go to hell until they clean up their racist act (and recruit black folks for more than just sports too)… It would be amazing to watch more black ball players boycott these colleges and let them field teams made up of farm boys…”

“When recruits visit games, they are identified by a lanyard which is worn around their necks as opposed to a ticket.”
This is how racist PWI [Private White Institutions]  mark their Black recruits in order to ensure that the racist pigs do not treat them like they mistreat other Blacks who are not making them rich. I commend this young brother’s actions but what a bigger statement he could make by going taking his talent to HBCU? This should be a wake up call to all college athletes that these neanderthal thugs hate you unless you have a ball in your hand. ‪#‎RacismInAmerica‬ ‪#‎GaTech‬ ‪#‎JordanJohnson‬

-The Children of Nat Turner

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KeltonJordanJohnson™ @3rdJohnsonboy Offensive lineman, C/o '16 Ed White High School

Offensive lineman, C/o ’16 Ed White High School


Georgia Tech lost a recruit this weekend as Jordan Johnson decided to decommit after an incident with campus police during GA Tech vs. Georgia game. Johnson is an offensive lineman at Ed White High in Jacksonville who was a long time recruit of GA Tech till Sunday.

When recruits visit games, they are identified by a lanyard which is worn around their necks as opposed to a ticket. In this case, Johnson and his brother went to the concession stand and returned to see their mother being approached by an officer who said that she had to leave because she had no ticket. According to Johnson, who showed the officer his lanyard, the officer “felt as though we had forged those badges and we didn’t belong in the game”. Johnson then told the officer that he would decommit because of it, to which the man responded that he “wouldn’t care because he would still have his job if I went there or not”

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Stories like this one continue to come out about racial profiling of black teens and families in America. I’m sure there was an easy way to verify the authenticity of Jordan and his family presence at the game. Instead the officer decided harassing them and making them feel unwanted. That’s not how you treat anyone let alone someone who was invited to the game.

“Thanks for such a bold stance ! It means a lot to a sleeping community! Thanks you”

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