How #CrimingWhileWhite and #WhiteExceptionalism is going to bite America in the Ass

“The “justice” system wasn’t created to put white people behind bars – they have to do quite a bit just to get arrested, and to think, just the mention of the word RACISM, makes them angry that black folks even exist.”

-M. Cummings

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. #StateSanctionedTerrorists #GovernmentSanctionedTerror #ApplePieBoys #ThisIsAmerica #CrimingWhileWhite #WhiteExceptionalism


I find it interesting how the police released them into their parents care and decided it was best for their parent to discipline them. I’m pretty sure that happens next to never in communities of color. In situations where the family is non-white, I imagine the police, figure they (as in the police) know better. Better than the parents, that is.

Blurred their faces. Ha. Our children should be so fortunate to be given privacy, respect and common decency. Fat chance. Michael Browns body lay bullet riddled and blood soaked for over 4 hours in the hot Missouri Summer sun. White morality is dead. People are still doing blackface in 2015.  White morality never existed.

The FOP guy began to sweat something terrible. Didn’t he? I wonder what that was all about.

A spectacle within a spectacle is what we have here.  Welcome to your life.

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