Former Sec. of Labor: “It’s ‘Impossible’ to Overcome Income Inequality Without Reversing Legacy of Racial Injustice”

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich on Monday encouraged progressive activists to work together to fight both income inequality and the legacy of racial injustice.

“It’s impossible to overcome widening economic inequality without also dealing with the legacy of racial inequality, and impossible to overcome racial inequality without also reversing widening inequality,” Robert Reich explained. “They are not the same but they are intimately related. Racial inequalities are baked into our political and economic system.”

According to Reich, income inequality was undermined by “structures of discrimination,” including “[p]olice brutality against black men and women, mass incarceration disproportionately of blacks and Latinos, housing discrimination that has resulted in racial apartheid across the nation, and voter suppression in the forms of gerrymandered districts, voter identification requirements, purges of names from voter registration lists, and understaffed voting stations in black neighborhoods.”

“Black lives matter,” he wrote.



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