Jazmine Sullivan On Not Being As Successful As Adele: ‘It’s An Injustice’

Jazzmin is a better singer. Period. Adele is a great singer. Adele gets more sales because of the socio-economic/financial caste systems in place worldwide based on skin color and because of the deep seated nature of nonwhites assimilating to white culture. #KnowThyself


“While it may seem like a comparison of apples to oranges, Jazmine is used to having people question why white artists who sing ‘blue eye soul’ have no problems crossing over and transcending musical genres, meanwhile equally as talented black artists are seemingly marginalized.
‘I guess I’m glad that people are recognizing me in some way, and kind of see there’s a little injustice in how black soul artists are received,’ said Jazmine in an interview with the Associated Press. ‘But, at the same time, I try not to focus so much on the negativity.'”


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