Kwame Ture Debates a Zionist

Zionist: First of all, I take great offense with anyone defining myself and my Jewishness as anything you decide it is. Judaism I define for my right, no one elses. If Zionism was racist as you say, then the state of Israel, what you recall the Zionist state, would not had taken Jewish people who were Black from Ethiopia. Jews from all of those countries in Africa, in Asia, which are not white countries. Also, Israel would not have one of the best standards for training African leaders, which is the Asian/African Institute.

Kwame Ture: Are you finished or do you want to continue?

Zionist: I’m done.

Kwame Ture: All right, thank you. Let me just answer you. We can start on your last question first. We Africans, of course, are involved in a serious struggle for the socialist unification of our continent. This struggle’s a serious struggle because if one looks at Africa it seems that we have a monopoly of corruption. Our leaders are filthy pigs; they have no concern for the masses of our people; they’re only concerned with lining their pockets. And the countries which Israel helped have the biggest pigs who oppress us. Go down and see who is the bodyguard of Mobutu, the killer of Lumumba? Israel. Go to Liberia, who’s the force that butchered Doe? Israel. Go to Ethiopia where Mengisto played that he was a socialist, and now that he gets in trouble and goes back and forth, who protects him? Israel. We don’t stop here. You want to talk about the relationship you have in South Africa with the racist pigs there too?
You’re second question. the statement which you use saying that Israel shows it is not racist by going to get Ethiopian Jews and bring them to Israel shows exactly its racism. Because how can you, in the time you sound just like God, you going mark out and decide who you going to save when there’s drought? Here’s a drought of all Africans and you only concerned with serving those who you call Jews. And you say this is a remark or a quality of human behavior?
Judaism cannot be defined by you! I am African! I gave it to you! You are only representing European culture, which every time a religious comes into Europe it tries to take over that religion and chauvinistically make it it’s own. It has gone to such ludicrous heights, that it paints Jesus Christ white even though he never put his foot in Europe.



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