Kweli TV ; An Afrikan Womans Answer to Netflix

Looks like there is a new streaming platform that is going to gain my membership and endorsement, kweliTV. Kweli means Truth (pronounced kwal-lee) in Swahili.

The intelligent black woman behind kweliTV is CEO DeShuna Spencer, a communications and journalism graduate from JSU a HBCU. You may know her name because she is also the force behind emPower as well.

kweliTV’s service is due start officially in December of 2015, but they currently have a beta phase open right now for those interested.
According to their site: kweliTV is an interactive streaming TV network and app that offers documentaries, news programs, original docuseries, educational content and independent films of the global black community that will be accessible through Smart TVs, Internet TV devices, tablets and smartphones and the computer—all on demand.

It’s your TV on your terms.

I’m excited to become a member and support this service. Their only asking for $19.95/yr for those willing to join the beta program. That is nothing. Most of use will spend more than this on a fast food run.

Sources: kweli.tv

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