Maya Peterson; Straight, No Chaser.

Lawrenceville School: Pacifying “white” patriarchy and from the crib to the grave, since 1810. If this hurt their feelings, imagine how they’ll feel once they realize that her assessment was correct.


“Yes, I am making a mockery of the right-wing, confederate-flag hanging, openly misogynistic Lawrentians. If that’s a large portion of the school’s male population, then I think the issue is not with my bringing attention to it in a lighthearted way, but rather why no one has brought attention to it before …
I understand why I hurt people’s feelings, but I didn’t become president to make sure rich white guys had more representation on campus. Let’s be honest. They’re not the ones that feel uncomfortable here.”

Maya Peterson, the first black female student body president at the Lawrenceville School near Princeton, N.J., was stripped of her position after posting an Instagram mocking her rich, white, male classmates.

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