#MustSeeTV 4 the CONSCIOUS Amongst YOU: The Noose, The Swastika and The Burning Cross [Video] feat. Dr. Welsing

“We are in a state of emergency. If we go on like this we will not survive. We have to make some serious changes. It’s urgent. We can’t be relaxed any longer. Be at peace but don’t sit down and act like your watching a Sunday night football game. We can not be relaxed any longer. In every day life we have to understand that we are at war. We have to respond appropriately. We have to teach and train our children to respond to the situation. They’re never to young to learn the truth. If they’re old enough to learn the lies than they’re old enough to learn the truth. ”

There are many of us that have been hoping that the problem had disappeared. But if a problem is not solved, it continues to resurface.

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