NYC Law Enforcement Officer Attacks Pregnant Woman.

Healing and strength to the mother and newborn.

This female officer must live out her days with remorse for her barbaric actions. She is an embarrassment to women everywhere and not a friend to sisterhood or the nature of nurture, respect and mothering.
White hegemony and its institutions, structures, systems and sycophants have successfully employed tactics of dehumanization since the beginning of time. This is unfortunate but nothing new or shocking. White hegemony has no respect for those that fall outside of the non scientific error conceived , social construct that is known as “white.” Those that ascribe to that particular classification and those that culturally appropriate the characteristics, ethics, and value system of that designation are actively in the business of dehumanization all over the world. Indoctrinated minds have to be freed and find their true nature within themselves. These people are terrorists and racists. They are a threat to humanity, whoever and wherever they are.

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