Ohio; 12 y.o. AFRIKAN Child Suspended for Staring at “white” Classmate

Staring while black? More like; Lying, stirring up trouble and sharpening your racist chops while white. The school made the AFRIKAN child write a letter of apology to his classmate and did not inform the parents of the AFRIKAN child until 3 days later? The classmate has a previous history of engaging in provocative behavior? For which she was not disciplined? The judge rejected the complaints of the AFRIKAN parents and dismissed their case against the school?

Yeah. Pretty much none of that is working for me. Take the young lad out of the school and with the quickness. Continuing to be educated by and socializing with the likes of people who treat him and you like this, sullies our reputation. We’re better than that. Civilize those people by disengaging and moving on. 

The unidentified student was suspended from a private Catholic school, St. Gabriel Consolidated, in September of last year after school officials say he “intimidated” his classmate.

According to the boy, he and the girl were engaged in a staring contest and that she was giggling the whole time.

Court documents state that the girl said she “felt fearful,” leading the school to suspend the boy despite the fact that he wrote an apology saying he meant no harm.

“I never knew she was scared because she was laughing,” he wrote. “I understand I done the wrong thing that will never happen again. I will start to think before I do so I am not in this situation.”

According to his parents, they filed suit to have the suspension removed from his record.

“The perception is he intimidated her,” said his mother, Candice Tolbert. “My son stared at a girl who was engaged in a staring game. She giggled the entire time.”

According to Tolbert, the same girl was involved in an incident at the school that was much worse, yet led to no repercussions.

“The same girl that accused my son of this act of perception of intimidation, aggressively poured milk on someone else’s lunch. When she did that there was no penalties for that. She received nothing for that,” she explained.

According to school administrators, their handbook states, in part: “The principal is the final recourse in all disciplinary matters and may waive any and all rules at his/her discretion for just cause.”

The family intends to file an appeal.

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of the suspended child.

Screen-Shot-2015-10-05-at-8 The mother of the suspended child.

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