On the Ancestral Path

There is a question we all have as humans that is inherent in each one of us: what is the truth behind everything we can observe in this world? This quest(ion) has been the inspiration that sparked mass movements of epic proportions, over thousands of years and around the globe. Every culture comes with its own truths. Every education comes with its own truths as well. Whether it’s based on logic, research, history, hope, faith or belief is arbitrary. The fact remains that humanity is divided because of our different perspectives of what truth is, as it relates to our understanding of the world.

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of religions and belief systems that all teach and practice what they believe to be the truth behind spirituality and the world. Some of these systems are very tolerant of others. Others, namely Christianity and Islam, are not. Ironically, these happen to be the two largest religions on the planet. I think it’s safe to say that these two systems did not achieve this status through peaceful means. In fact, history proves their methods of conversion to be just the opposite. They’ve made their strongest arguments through force and destruction, to make sure their truths become more relevant than any others… an argument that has not yet been proven or validated to the world, despite all of the blood that has been spilled in their names.

When a child is born, he becomes a victim of the education that is exposed to him. This means that whatever values or beliefs that are specific to the environment in which the child is raised will be transferred directly to him as part of the natural learning and growth process. This puts a child in a very weak position, especially if that child is being taught the values that do not belong to his culture.


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