Professor: White People Are Conditioned to Commit Mass Murder Like in Charleston

Assistant professor of sociology Zandria Robinson at the University of Memphis suggested that the Charleston shooter was not mentally ill but rather just another example of “white people acting how they’re conditioned to act.”

*waits for thinkpieces about how more mental health services could prevent white people from acting how they’re conditioned to act*

Professor Robinson also posted a tweet on June 26 declaring that “Whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror.” It has since been deleted, but not before being captured by the blog SoCawlege.

My only question is; Is whiteness so bereft of accurate world history and the story of global domination that Professor Robinsons sentiment is viewed as random, crazy or worse yet, untrue?

White privilege is conditioned by the system of white hegemony.

Truth is seldom nice.

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