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Why do so many people believe that God is a man? Like seriously — folks say “he,” “him,” and “his” all the time. Who gave God a ding-a-ling? – S. Patton


The God of the Old Testament behaves like a psychologically underdeveloped male between the ages 16 and 45 (years of peak testosterone/prior to major testosterone decline). Under developed males are violent, jealous, and didn’t have strong mother figures and often abandon their offspring. A large portion of the population felt abandoned by their fathers and replaced this void with and imaginary father. One who loves you , protects you, and is always there. The template used was a combination of the father that abandoned them but also included the attributes of the ideal father figure. Why a man? Because more people are abandoned by their fathers than their mothers.

T. Alvarez 

God is actually his job, not his name. His name is YHWH, or “I am, male.” In the Bible there are actually two stories of creation in Genesis. In the Hebrew, the first story, at the beginning, what’s translated into English as “In the beginning God created” the word for “god” is “Elohim”, which means “Pantheons of gods, male and female.” “Elohim” creates everything, including humans.

The story shifts to YHWH who then creates the Garden of Eden. And his humans, created from dust.

Now when Adam and Eve are ejected from the Garden of Eden, they have a couple of kids, Cain and Able. Cain kills Able. Cain runs off and marries a woman from the “land of Nod, which is east of Eden.” Nod is the home of the FIRST humans, made by the Elohim. Not by YHWH.

So your answer is that what most people call “God” today was just one minor, angry, desert volcano god, who named himself “I Am.”


Better yet why is God considered as a being with human qualities?? It created everything in the multi-universe but has all these Human qualities??


Holy Trinity — two dudes and a ghost. Sounds right? No.

Abe F.

Sorry, I can’t get past the penis. What does he do with it? Does God pee?

Brenda T.

Why would a metaphysical being require a gender? Much less a penis?

If anything I utterly love the idea of God being feminine. Divine femininity.

Or better yet, a union, an amalgam of the genders into one loving, cosmic, all encompassing entity.

Ken V.

Healing of this world will come thru the black community especially from the black woman!

Healing of this world will come thru the black community especially from the black woman!

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