Rachel Dolezal; The Battle is Within

Rachel Dolezal; The Battle IS Within.
You will recall my first post and only statement on ‪#‎RachelDolezal‬ being the statement below the stars. I failed to add at the time that she should seek professional psychological help. She should. As for those who have aligned themselves with Rachel Dolezals psychological breakdown, do yourself the favor of checking out the attached link.
This woman does not speak for me, or for “blackness,” she does not represent me or represent “blackness,” and she NEVER could. Me stating this does not mean that I am mad or upset with her. I am not angry at her. I pity her. She’s crazy. We should have empathy for mentally ill people.
Now there aren’t enough B.S. minutes in a day to spend on this nonsense party that has swept the nation. So I won’t. This will serve as my last official statement on this woman and her psychosis.
Transracial? Is this a new word? The evolution of our language seems to be surpassing the evolution of our minds. Anyway, this story is spreading like fire. I’m sure you’ve heard, seen or read about it by now.
My take on it:
The mind is extremely fragile. Stress is recognized as a significant contributing factor in the cause and progression of countless psychological diseases. Experiencing stress in childhood can have an irreversible negative impact. The impact of unaddressed stress in youth can present itself as disruptive behavior down the line. Furthermore, there is always the potential that poor reactions to stressful events, may lead to physiological and/or psychological adaptive responses, both at the time and later in life.
Rachel Dolezal is suffering from a psychosis otherwise known as a psychotic episode, an altered state of consciousness….dissociative disorder, maybe?
Rachel, You Are White and You Embracing That Truth Is Your First Step Toward Mental Sanity.
There are ways to go about being instrumental in and to the “black” community. The way you chose is disingenuous. Therefore it is wrong.
I imagine that it is psychologically jarring for a somewhat conscious “white” person to truly come to terms with, and understand what, their phenotype has historically represented on the planet earth. However, that research and discovery process is the first step toward enlightenment. The next step is educating yourself on how you can share your enlightenment with those who are similar to your phenotype. Each one, teach one. Eventually you’ll want to build an alliance between yourself and Afrikan people. This is how one works at being an agent of change; by discovering self, researching history, enlightening others and ultimately building alliances.


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