Racism in Schools is Pushing More Black Families to Homeschool their Children

You’re telling me.

Like I have been saying 85%+ of all teachers; public, private, parochial, charter or otherwise are white women. That IS a problem for this country and for it’s children.

The overall classroom constituency in Amerikka is now a majority, minority as of 2015. That’s right there are more minorities than there are white children in public school now. Whites have been placing their children in Private school at a high rate. Apparently in hopes of receiving a better education, while simultaneously continuing the process of othering and segregation. Many non-whites seek to put their children in private and parochial school as well, in hopes of them receiving a better education, only to find that their children experience even higher rates of “othering,” racism, segregation and ostracizing. And in those cases the parents are PAYING for this treatment. -_-
The landscape of educators should mirror the constituency that they serve. Diversity training is NOT working. These women are coming into their profession with all sorts of stereotypes, biases, illogical notions and straight up racism. It starts in Kindergarten and it follows our children throughout their matriculation.

This is not sustainable.

Excerpt by Ama Mazama, an associate professor and the director of graduate programs for the department of African-American Studies at Temple University:

My research found strong evidence to suggest that racism is far from being a thing of the past. I found covert institutional racism and individual racism still persist and are largely responsible for the persistence of profound racial disparities and inequalities in many social realms. Schools, of course, are no exception, which helps one understand why racism is such a powerful drive for black homeschoolers.

In the spring and fall of 2010, I interviewed 74 African-American homeschooling families from around the U.S. While the size of my sample does not allow me to claim that it is representative of the whole African-American homeschooling population, it was nonetheless large enough to allow me to capture the main reasons why black parents tend to homeschool their children.

Eurocentric curriculum and teachers’ attitudes

When it comes to schools, there are at least two important areas of concern: the curriculum and teachers’ attitudes and behaviors. School curricula continue to promote a worldview developed by Western civilization. This wholesale Eurocentric orientation of most schools’ curricula, in a society that, ironically, is becoming increasingly brown, speaks volumes about a pervasive European ethnocentrism — that is, the notion that every one in the world thinks and does or should think and do like Europeans.

Peggy McIntosh, an anti-racism activist, often cites a list of things she can take for granted as a white woman. Her list reflects the nature of the curriculum that students grow up being exposed to. As she says: “When I am told about our national heritage or about civilization, I’m shown that people of my color made it what it is;” as well as “I can be sure that my children will be given curricular materials that attest to the existence of their race.”

For black people, as I found, it is a totally different experience. Indeed, while European culture and thought are implicitly presented as universal and Europe as the only place from which great ideas and discoveries originated, Africa and African-descended people find themselves quasi-excluded from the curriculum. As one of the fathers with whom I spoke in Atlanta succinctly articulated, “All we learn about is their stuff, and we know nothing about our stuff, our history, our culture.” This results in a general school-sanctioned ignorance about Africa and its descendants and in a disdain for the black experience, as I found through my interviews. Eventually, this becomes a pervasive and potent form of institutional racism.

Racial stereotypes harm black kids

Furthermore, the attitudes and actions of white teachers (who make up 85 percent of all public school teachers) were questioned by many of the African-American parents with whom I spoke. They consistently portrayed white teachers as overly critical, unresponsive, unqualified, insensitive, offensive, mean, hypocritical, and using double standards. Indeed, many white teachers seem to bring into the schools the many racist stereotypes and attitudes that have been ingrained in them, in particular the notions that blacks lack in intelligence, or are notoriously lazy and bent on criminality.

Ps 220Q all white female staff showing their support for the NYPD. Some featured; Suzann Gerstenbluth Valenzuela, Kelli Brady Aull, Virginia LaGumina Fadis and 16 others.

NYC school: PS 220Q – all white female staff of teachers showing their support for the NYPD. Some featured; Suzann Gerstenbluth Valenzuela, Kelli Brady Aull, Virginia LaGumina Fadis and 16 others.

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