Racism is War


Had it been me. He would have been walking by, the same way I saw him walking up..shoeless!
I swear black people are condition to help white people, and white people are condition to beleive that black people are here to help them. This “helping” is an incorrect behavior which must cease! Why? Because black people have no idea, and no clue as to whether or not the white person requiring help is a racist, nor do we have have any way of knowing that information without receiving direct confirmation from the white person informing us of such. For that reason, it is therefore logical to ‪#‎suspect‬ that the white person is a racist.
But racism has retarded us. Thinking he is giving this white man something of value, when that man is walking around with something far more valuable than that black male can never give him, he’s white! And if the white man so chooses too, can clean himself and access the resources that are available to him as a white person under the system of white supremacy.
Black people just don’t get it! War has been waged against us through the act of racism, and if we don’t start thinking outside the box, we will succumb to it.

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