Racism lawsuit filed against NYC and The MET over portrait of “Aryan Jesus”

 -A lawsuit was filed on November 30, 2015 in the US District Court Southern District of New York accusing the City of New York and The Metropolitan Museum of Art of practicing racism by displaying artwork of an “Aryan Jesus”.

The plaintiff Justin Renel Joseph in his suit claims that among other things, he was subjected to psychological and emotional harm on November 26, 2015 at The MET after viewing the “Racist Artworks” pertaining to the historic and public figure known as “Jesus” which he found to be anti-Semitic, racist and an offensive whitewashing which amounts to cultural theft being endorsed by the City of New York. #HeBetterSayThat

Mr. Joseph who is of African and Hebrew descent and a Christian says that by permanently displaying the historically inaccurate racist depictation of a “blonde haired, fair-skinned Aryan male” makes him feel “rejected” and “unacepted” by society. #WhiteMansBurden

Liberty and Justice For All has obtained a copy of the filing which can be viewed here;

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  1. Wed., 12/16/2015 7:27 pm EST – If the paintings in question were to be taken down, the effect would be the same as if hooligans went in and destroyed them.

    Mr. Joseph obviously doesn’t understand the basics of the religion and has no familiarity with the history of Christian art. The message of Judaism is that the entire human race is defective and in need of being healed of this defect. The message of Christianity is that Christ the healer is in people of every race and language and nation — including white people.

    Jesus, Joseph and Mary have historically been depicted with various racial features to translate the story of Jesus into the native visual language of non-Middle Easterners. Once these foreigners identify with the main characters of Christianity, they learn that the language of the Trinity (particularly the Father and the Son) reveals where the fatal flaw exists in the human mind regardless of external racial characteristics. As any good advertiser will tell you, the use of race to get the attention of a race is not racist.

    Mr. Joseph’s demand for strict photographic realism could have implications affecting all of art. Instead of clinging to this kind of tunnel vision, Mr. Joseph should be asking for paintings of Jesus with the features of even more races, to underscore the universality of the human flaw — and the repair of that flaw — addressed by the language and symbols of Christianity. But a court of law is not the place to commission art, nor is it the place to receive an education in art history or Christian theology.

    The judge should dismiss this frivolous lawsuit on the grounds that Justin Renel Joseph seeks to obstruct communication by interfering with the viewing of art that translates Christianity into the visual language of the white race, and on the grounds that suppressing the white race in the art of a universal religion is itself prejudiced and racist. Then the judge should encourage Mr. Joseph to produce a piece of art showing a Jesus with which he can identify.

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