Racist High School Teacher in New England Facebooks about “shooting black thugs.”

A Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational-Technical High School teacher has been disciplined for comments he posted on Facebook disparaging black men and threatening to shoot “thugs.”
Still available through re-posts, Lino Cabral on Facebook wrote “Most black men are inspired to become: a rapper, in a gang, welfare” and later “My 45 is loaded and ready to go. A thug walks up my driveway one bullet would be going on [sic] his direction.”

Voc-Tech Superintendent Director Linda Enos said Friday that in the wake of Lino Cabral’s comments the school has run a diversity workshop for faculty and is planning to include future tolerance programs for students.

As far back as May 8, a parent had written to school officials, including Superintendent Director Linda Enos, about her concerns about Cabral’s Facebook posts. Maria Mojica, who ran for New Bedford School Committee two years ago, had already met two days earlier with Rosanne Franco, the academic program principal and Robert Watt, the Voc-Tech principal, about the matter.
She declined to confirm the contents of the letter, which a separate party delivered to The Standard-Times anonymously. The letter asks for immediate disciplinary action, and several systemic changes as well as cultural competency workshops and a social media policy for employees.
“As a mother who has a brown boy in Voc-Tech, I was very upset,” said Mojica, who explained that she found out about the posts through an anonymous letter left at her door on May 6.
“As a parent, what really upset me was he had a gun he was ready to use,” she said, noting he works in a school with minority students. She believes a teacher’s perceptions influence students, she said.


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  1. Cabral should have checked his OWN ancestry before he talked about Black folks. Portuguese (not to mention all tthe Islanders, and Spaniards, too, for THAT matter) have ancient African genes. Iberia’s only 9 miles from Africa, folks, and the Strait of Gibraltar is not that old…..

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