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Roland Martin Questions Americas Hesitation in Calling White Terrorism Out

There wasn’t any confusion when planes were flew into the World Trade Center Towers. We weren’t  unsure about the Boston Marathon Bombing being a case of terrorism.  No one attempted to debate that the “Shoe Bomber” was just having a rough week.  So how is it that this nation behaves so incredibly ignorant regarding the burning of multiple Afrikan churches, all within the span of a week?

Why is the media silent. Why did it take the FBI one week to get off of their duff and investigate? Where is the outrage? Who is still confused about the reality that white hegemony is going to always work to protect itself and its own? The reality of that statement has been proven time and time again, throughout history and as recent as last weekend with the burning of the College Heights Baptist Church in Elyria, Ohio.  The tiny church of a dozen members was burned on Saturday morning beyond repair.

Why doesn’t white terrorism count as terrorism. When will white terrorism be called out for what it is. Why doesn’t America acknowledge herself as leaders on the terrorism front. White on World crime is what fuels the universe.  Roland Martin brings some serious issue to the forefront.  Who is listening though?

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