Ruminations on Africa and how the Universe came to be

Exactly how the universe came to be and the ingredients of it are unknown. Religions, of which there are over 3971 established in the world as of 2010, make up stories/myths/superstitions/opinions of what the race, gender, class, culture, and generation guess happened. They have zero evidence—operating on what they call faith.

Children can have faith, but first have knowledge, works, evidence, understanding of the beginning of all things because you can know endings. Teach the children to live in this world not some fantasy/fiction/foolishness that enslaving populations made up in their own period of ignorance and backwardness. The Black masses are not starving to death and dying of curable diseases because they do not pray enough; they starve to death because they have no access to the billions of tons of hoarded food that their oppresors have siezed from them. Science/math/technology is what they need—applied to engineering for the purpose of construction, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and architecture. They are not educated to make machines which mass produce food, clothing, shelter, health care, homes, buildings, and all the modern means of living. They are generally living in the 18th century—150-175 years behind the industrial revolution. Ignorance and religion in and of themselves never helped anyone.

Whites had their reformation and renaissance period over 300 years ago; Africans have yet to have anything near a scientific and technological revolution—in fact most African nations have not even had an industrial revolution; only 16% of Africa has mechanized industrial machine production and most of this is in areas doimanted by arabs in the north and white control in the south (South Africa). Like the Chinese in 1945, Black people have got to jettison arrogance, religions, fiction/fantasy, stupidity, ignorance, superstition, worthless guesswork, and silly time wasting—and do the necessary/proven things to catch up fast.

The Chinese figured it out, took charge of their nation, ran the whites and their missionaries out, ran out the Arabs and their converters of infidels, secured their educational systems and rooted their ideas in science/math/engineering, learned how to win at home first—at all costs, established mostly working class rule, instituted uncontaminated indigenous Asian culture as their foundational/civilizational focus, forged their Red Army in daily martial deeds, created their own economic system, and then reverse-engineered the necessary science and technology for their own independent economic, political, social and cultural development. Their independent leadership never ignorantly and disgracefully crawled around with the silly mystical ideas of the people attempting to enslave them. They never allowed spineless, weak, wishy-washy, mystical misleaders to get to head of progressive Chinese movements.

Africans could and should do better. To be arrogant, ignorant, and unprepared are all characteristics that can be admitted and corrected overnight. But there must be a will to change. The Black/African world population has not done much of anything to purge itself of centuries of being soft/spent doormats to the world. Wasting time/energy, living unfinished lives, going through life fighting for nothing of substance, selling -out at every corner when heart and integrity is what we need, renting their clothes, begging and praying to bankrupt enslaver mystical illusions—Africans are still the doormat for the world. And what could one expect when winning lessons are all around yet, most Black folk choose the road of habitual losers, crawling around trying to tap-dance, and manuever their way into successes instead of measuring up to the rock hard standards set by revolutionary populations around the world. Without a fundamental understanding of economics, society, political economy, culture, technology, scientific education, morality and ethic, and organized military force—just look at how the African world lives under the foot of oppressors. Soberly look at this.

Our Great Ancestors set high standards, especially in ancient African Kmt. We must get back to that standard. Sure the scum white and arab enslavers caused the mess we now are in. They however are external, a force from the outside acting on a moving mass which has its own internal/inner engine driving its movement (toward progression or regression). What internally is driving the African population backwards, and not to do as the Chinese to prepare generations ahead their own civilization for rebirth? What internally has the African population showing the worst features of rotteness reflective of not having faced the reality of their own internal shortcomings? The characteristics of losers most people off the streets readily know: Soft. Misguided. Ignorant, lazy, lacking in passion, lacking integrity, lacking humility, without grit and determination, late, unwilling to stand for anything of merit, scared, ready to break and run, believing in tooth-fairies/white-winged angels and the silliness of pies from the sky. Led around by stupid/mystical preachers. Wasting opportunities for technical education. Always looking fo the easy way out, the short cut, the handout, the cosmic bell-hop, the pie from the sky, the mystical favoritism mess. Making excuses at every turn. Never standing for anything worth anything; willing to help other losers but never helping the good and innocent. Silly entertainers without purpose, integrity or intelligence. Down-low/lowdown lying, dishonest snitches always some where in the dark doing dirt then lying in the light that they are stand up men. Never keeping their word. Without respect for the works of people on the heart/guts/force of will/courage/intelligence of Great One Harriet Tubman, but respecting of the lack of work of the soft sell-outs the scum enslavers promoted as examples of our stupidity/cowardice/ignorance. Lolligagging. Low standards. Always trying to get sometyhing for nothing—trying to get a “hook-up.”

Losers characteristicaly paint loses as wins. They take something that clearly is cowardly—letting nazi/fascist whites/arabs mass murders, beat up, brutalize, burn, tar-n-feather, whip, mutilate, maim and rape innocent Blacks without fighting back. Then they put a spineless/confused preacher in front of them to tell them to suffer peacefully, be nonviolent, lay down and take the rape without a fight. Then they make a hero out of the foolish preacher, endorse his stupid/backward groveling, give him/her a holiday and make it appear that you won something without fighting when the scum whites/arabs needed the reform more than you—and they at the least were smart enough to know it. Losers are followers of losers/talkers who have no works—only a lot of preaching and crawling around to the east and the west. Chicken-hearted instead of bravehearted. Unscientific. Anti-education. Anti-research. Anti-preparation. Anti-planning. Unorganized. No system of thought, theory or method. Always showing off, talking, bluffing, exaggerating. Crawling around confused about who they are, parroting enslaver culture/religion/values—even named after the enslavers at this late date.

Unwilling to work hard/smart. Dishonest, ruthless, will lie in a minute. Somewhere seeking to save their own skin. Nepotistic. Cowardly. Claiming victory while letting other races beat them up, sic dogs on them, put water hoses on them, burn up their churches, beat them down in the streets—while full grown Black men stand around doing nothing/watching saying, “let’s overcome them with our capacity to love.” Arrogant and stupid in their arrogance. Lacking technical education. Quitters. Never appreciative of the value of education so most barely finish high school; most who go to college do not finish; most who do finish do not continue their education even their own self education. Opportunist. Will sell you down the river at the drop of a hat. Quick to lay down and bend over, heartless, lacking real courage. Lacking fighting heart for selves/own people, but in every historical enslaver’s army—on the front-line killing innocent people around the world. Nonviolent to the enslavers but daily killing and stealing from each other—prisons filled with rotten blackmen who spent their early lives picnicing on innocent Black communities, usually getting away with it because the whites/arabs really only care when you harm them or the rackets they are running. Ignorantly and disgracefully defending the very economic systems that made slaves out of their ancestors. Unwilling to match (with force for justice) those who bring every ounce of their energy to maintain injustice. It is a modern disgrace that so many Africans fit this list. And even larger group is somewhere laying down, quitting before the acual real battles begin, just letting this loser group of rotten Blacks have their way. Our children are caught in the middle of this unfolding wreck.

Caught up in the useless religious superstitions, myths, and mad up mess of the whites (including jews), and arabs whose ancestors historically enslaved and brutalized them, it will be difficult for African children to catch up if they do not break with the mistakes of their parents. But this is what must be done. Children must know what science has established if they are to begin to rebuild our shattered world within themselves and later in practice in the decades to come after they become adults.


It is known that the universe did derive from billions of years of raw, irregular, intense complexity. Life as it is known today is only a mere advancement from previous conditions.

All that has been created in this universe is born, grows, declines, dies, and is reborn on a higher level or in another form. This cycle is what has gotten civilization to where it is today. Therefore, all of the elements that were born when the universe began, matured, started to deteriorate, then died and was recreated and developed into something more profound and adaptable to what the universe was becoming.

The findings of scientific research provided evidence that universe began to organize 15 billion years ago through the explosion of anti-matter and matter, which came to produce bonded energy that in time formed elements, stars, planets, solar systems, galaxies, and complete universes. Gravity links the solar systems and groupings of galaxies together, which forms the ever-changing universe. Individual planets were not formed when the universe first came to be because there were not any substantial elements during the formation procedures. Billions of stars took on the cycle of being born, eventually dying, and finally being reincarnated to the development of Earth and other planets. Planets with heavy elements could survive in the universe.

While having heavy elements, Earth was unique in size also and began to mature with a moon 4.6 billion years ago. Earth, for the majority of the time it existed, was unable to support any form of life. Earth went through one billion years of growth and development stages to be able to endure organic life.
Embryonic atmospheric formation paved the way for the release of oxygen and the development of a life support system for planets approximately 4.1 billion years ago. Free oxygen began to accumulate about 3.8 billion years ago. The protective ozone layer of the Earth formed along with the chemical processes necessary to form the oceans and the atmosphere, including the thermosphere, stratosphere, exosphere, and the troposphere. After billions of years of development the foundation for simple organic life was laid.

Inorganic to Organic

As the Earth continued to develop, so did organic life. Organic life eventually developed into dinosaurs, primitive mammals, and primates, which just as everything else that was born and matured, all rose and died off into extinction to be replaced by something more compliant to the evolving life on Earth. Constant bacterial and chemical balances led to pre-cellular activity, cellular activity, and to multi-cellular forms which led to changes in invertebrates that gave way to developments of vertebrates, which ultimately led to the development of primates.

Human life emerged in Africa 5.5 million years ago, based on fossil finds. This find at Lake Baringo was a revelation revealing that modern humans are all one species originating from the same source. Literature for the last half-century has posed that Africans are not humans in any respect, notwithstanding the complete string of present day human being fossil finds found only in Africa. There are five specimens of the African humanity which gone through a sequence of evolutions and revolutions spanning 5.5 million years to graduate to what called modern day Homo sapiens sapiens. Of these five specimens are, Australopithecine (APC) (5,500,000); Homo habilis (HH) (2,500,000); Homo erectus (HE) (1,000,000); Homo sapiens Neanderthals (HSN) (110,000); and Homo sapiens sapiens (HSS) (150,000). These five specimens are all results of the birth, mature, decline, death, and rebirth cycle. What exists today as what is known to be human is the fifth species, is Homo sapiens sapiens.

The first three of the six hominid chains never removed themselves from Africa. The last three however, migrated throughout and out of Africa to various continents because of climate struggles. The six species varies in physique, brain size, facial structure, and the place and time of their distribution.

Human Development in Africa

Differences in appearance have been stimulated by environmental climates. Being that the stages of human development began in Africa, which is an equatorial region, the mothers and fathers of modern human life were developed with black skin as a protection against the sunrays.

During the migration to various continents is when physical appearances gradually changed in humans in order to adapt to opposing continent climates. Some Blacks inhabited Europe and traveled across northern Asia into Siberia while other groups went into India and China and headed south to inhabit Indonesia and Australia. Those that went north crossed the Bering Straits and traveled north into North America.

Skin pigmentation decreased as Blacks traveled to more shaded, cooler regions. Through these migrations the Asian and European demographic emerged. Gloger’s Law institutes that warm-blooded animals existing in tropic-equatorial climates will carry melanin as a shield against intense ultraviolet sunrays. Melanin is the foundation for black skin, hair and eyes. Life on the equator is constantly subjected to direct sunrays and cannot originally have white or light brown skin unless there was a recent migration to that region.

Populations eventually became a reflection of the continents in which they resided. As a result, as hominids traveled into various parts of the world most of their external features changed because of changes in geography, climate, terrain, diet, and the necessary adaptations within the human species. Beginning on or around the equatorial region, black-skinned Grimaldi (HH) became Cro-Magnon (HH), and Chancelade (HH) between 40,000bp to 15,000bp. The primary causes of changes in population genotype structure are natural selection, mutation process, population fluctuations, and isolation. Through migration and mutation Grimaldians produced Cro-Magnons while Chancelade is a mixture of Grimaldians and Cro-Magnons.

Altogether, Black was the originating and only species until approximately 40,000 years ago. Through climate, geographical, topographical, radiation, and vegetation changes, others emerged. While there is colossal evidence proving how and where modern human life originated, the truth has not been widely accepted among white supremacists. Instead, however, they indicate that Homo sapiens sapiens were born in Europe, nonetheless fossil evidence proves otherwise. These supremacists were so desperate that they used a jawbone of a monkey and a human skull to falsely illustrate that England was the birthplace of humanity. This lie was accepted by most for over 50 years (1912-1960’s).

When this tall story was found inaccurate, European anthropology resorted to Asian origin fables, to the fortune of Black people and others who seek the truth; this too was found to be false. Africa was the only place where a complete series of fossils documenting the 5,500,000-year process of human evolution could be traced. Scientists now agree that life until the rise of Homo sapiens Neanderthals was generated in Africa. They, however, also believe that Homo sapiens sapiens and Neanderthals originated simultaneously in Asia, Indonesia and Europe.

While there are several White supremacist arguments of where life began and how modern day humans came to be, the evidence upholds the truth. Fossil and mitochondria DNA findings and the new techniques of polymerse chain reaction (PRC) further supports the monogenetic evolutionary process of human beings. The truth is that life originated in Africa and through natural selection and climate struggles physical changes and adaptations occurred.

Considering this there is still truly one race, African, that has gone through a variety of changes and mutations to adapt to geographical, topographical, vegetation changes.

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