Texas High School Coach Dehumanizes Afrikan Child on the Team

Texas Softball Coach Brenda Jacobson was accused of saying that a black player’s hair was “nappy and nasty,” saying that a black player wouldn’t perform a drill “because there is water on the ground and black people don’t like water,” and quipping, “See, everyone is white on the inside,” after a player cut her leg while sliding to a base.

Softball coach Brenda Jacobson reportedly also told a black student player, “The sun is more attracted to you because you are black.” Although, that much Jacobson got correct. It appears as though Brenda Jacobson is a self loathing excuse for a woman that envies melanin rich people.

The coach was not suspended but was instead put on administrative leave for less than a day.

According to WFAA 8, Kenzie Wilson, who is black, and her father, Kenneth, were among the first to raise concerns about Jacobson before the fallout. Some of the alleged racially charged comments were directed toward Kenzie.

“I felt like it was enough and I shouldn’t be treated like that anymore,” the high school junior told WFAA 8.

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