Texas Schools to Start Teaching Civil War Not About Enslaved Afrikans

The mission of white hegemony from inception has been to rewrite history. This case is just a microcosm of a much larger problem. Look at Hollywood and what it continues to do with any and all depictions related to Egypt. Could this have anything to do with why there are so many unaware of Egypts geographical location being in Afrika? Even Egypts current constituency, who represent the modern day progeny of age old “white skinned” colonizers, and settlers who ruled over the original “black” Kemetians are coming into the temples and tombs, repainting sacred text.

The history books say that the ancient Greeks gave us government, the arts, sciences and philosophy with no mention or nod to Afrika, when Afrika is where the ancient Greeks travelled to seek knowledge, enlightenment and the mysteries.

People in America think Elvis created Rock n Roll. Psssht. Yeah okay. Ask Little Richard about that.

It is sad that we are a nation of people that would allow such offensive and damaging nonsense to happen under our watch.

The people and powers and book manufacturing companies, employees and publishers that have allowed this to happen should all be fired on the spot. Every single one of them, from the bottom to the top. This is disgusting.

also regarding this matter;

texas board of ed

texas board of ed

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