African Diaspora

Thanksgiving Feast: The Dark Beginning in 1637

by Alberta Parish

The propaganda of Thanksgiving has taught Americans that the good Pilgrims survived the harshness of the New World when the Natives extended a helping hand, and taught the Pilgrims how to grow and plant their own food to keep from starving to death. Because the academic community doesn’t want to scare the children with the true history behind the first day of Thanksgiving, they gave the children a standard fictional textbook story about the Natives and Pilgrims eating a Thanksgiving feast together and they all lived happily ever after. Honestly, if I was the recipient of benefits wrought through the death and destruction of other nations whose land my ancestors stole, I wouldn’t want my children knowing the true history of a people that has a predisposition for violent and destructive behavior, as evidenced when they slaughtered hundreds of millions of Natives after entering the New World.

This is not the kind of history that they want everybody remembering. Being the recipient of a civilization built upon human slavery and the thievery of the wealth of those whom they enslaved is not the kind of embarrassing history that I’d want to share with my descendants.

Like the drones that most Americans are, they celebrate Thanksgiving with a lavish turkey feast, dressings, Cranberry sauce and the festivities of the day surrounded by family and friends while ignoring the dark past that accompanied the first “day of Thanksgiving” by those who slaughtered the Natives for hundreds of years thereafter.

In total hypocrisy, Americans celebrate the fourth Thursday in November completely insensitive to the current Native Americans whose land they stole and continue to steal to this present day. You have to have a lot of balls in 2013 to celebrate a feast commemorating the destruction of the Natives upon whose land you celebrate your bloodfest. It takes unmitigated gall to appear on national television every Thanksgiving with a blood sport called Football and songsters to sing during half-time to celebrate a day in remembrance of the slaughter of 700 Pequot Natives in the 17th Century. I don’t need to give you the gritty details of Thanksgiving’s dark history for you to know that your version of Thanksgiving (according to the modern textbooks) is much different from the first so-called Thanksgiving celebration in 1637 in which the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony held a “day of Thanksgiving” for those returning colonists who had slaughtered hundreds of Pequot Natives in what is known today as Mystic, Connecticut. Officially, the term ‘Thanksgiving’ was coined much later in the 19th Century. Today, I will not allow you to celebrate Thanksgiving with a clear conscience by overlooking the true history of Thanksgiving’s beginnings.

While you feast upon your dry turkey and give thanks to the biblical god in whose name mass murder, rape, incest, infanticide, genocide, robbery, slavery, and torture has been committed for thousands of years, your festivities are an act of terrorism, as seen by the Natives upon whose land you celebrate. While U.S. citizens may have forgotten the true history of Thanksgiving, the Native Americans have not and every year they gather at the statue of Chief Massasoit of the Wampanoag tribe at Plymouth Rock to commemorate those men, women and children all slaughtered in 1637. Much of Massachusetts, Georgia, Connecticut, Washington and New York have been built upon the bones of dead Natives, which is why they’ll never have peace. And I’m not talking about the dead Natives. Karma doesn’t have a time limit. It doesn’t matter how long ago an action or deed was committed. Karma will always find you no matter what century you reside in. They’ve rewritten the history of Thanksgiving like they’ve rewritten religious systems time and time again. But DNA never forgets.

The sanctimonious community will be in high celebrations this Thanksgiving as they give reverence to their Greco-Roman deity Jesus while dismissing the countless lives of Natives slaughtered to advance the agendas of the Queen and King of England, of Scotland, of Spain, and of Portugal all under the influence of the Vatican.

You can lie to yourself by pretending that you’re giving thanks to the Good Lord, but your Thanksgiving is the blood sacrifice of the Natives as it was originally a feast honoring those returning from the massacre of hundreds of Pequot Natives. Would the Good Lord of the New Testament want to be affiliated with such a feast? After all, Jesus was the peaceful messiah, was he not? Therefore, why would the biblical peaceful messiah approve of your Thanksgiving celebrations built upon the wholesale slaughter of men, women and children in their lands? Originally, the Greco-Roman god Jesus was invented to act as an agent of peace between the revolutionary Judaic groups like the Zealots and Essenes, and the Roman authorities that controlled Palestine.

The Greeks, Romans, Britons and their descendants have enslaved every population they’ve encountered and conquered. Everywhere they have tread, they’ve been met with armed resistance and still to this day continues to be met with armed resistance. The annihilation of entire populations has always occurred in their wake, and they will take the human species to the brink of nuclear and bio-chemical warfare. There is enough nuclear and bio-chemical weaponry to kill every man, woman and child on this planet as of now. If homo sapiens survive another one hundred thousand years, it will be because they’ve decided not to obliterate the planet by way of nuclear and bio-chemical fallout.

Your enemy is not the other people in Iran or Afghanistan wearing turbans. As a species, you have endangered the planet through your self-destructive virtues. You continue to endanger the wildlife whether on land or in the sea. You have endangered future generations through your inventions of weapons of mass destruction. Since your biblical god has condoned your destructive behavior, what is there to stop you from further self-destructing?

How people in the sanctimonious community celebrate Thanksgiving while turning a blind eye to its true meaning is simple? Many don’t recognize the peaceful messiah of the New Testament, because if they did they could not celebrate Thanksgiving in good conscience. In fact, Jesus is becoming increasingly unpopular in the sanctimonious community so much so that many rarely mention the name Jesus. When I was a believer, it was Jesus, Jesus, Jesus all day and night.

Since the question of Christ’s historical existence has come under fire by modern scholars and scientists, the political correctness machinery has been spinning out of control to clean up the inconsistencies and nuances caused by those who invented the biblical Jesus, the New Testament and Christianity. If you really want to know whom the fictional Jesus was based upon, start by reading the biography of Julius Caesar. Like the biblical Jesus, Caesar was regarded as the savior of mankind during his lifetime. Caesar’s wax figure was also raised upon a Roman cross to symbolize his resurrection as a god shortly after his murder in 44 BCE. The biblical crucifixion of Christ is the crucifixion of Julius Caesar, which symbolized the raising of the Roman god Caesar. Just as Caesar was included in the Roman pantheon of gods, so was his nephew and adopted heir Augustus Caesar.

Although Native Americans have been disseminated among the population and are greatly outnumbered, they’ve still managed to retain much of their cultural heritage and traditional ways of living, including their Native spiritual practices with the occasional religious hiccups. They have their own educational school systems in which they teach their children their cultural identity and history. They have also maintained some semblance of their ancient culture. Too bad the descendants of African slaves living in North and South America did not.

Many so-called African-Americans are not African at all. Originally, when Columbus reached the Bahamas in 1492, he saw dark-skinned inhabitants. The Cherokee, Mashantucket Pequot, Powhatan, Choctaw, Shawnee, Wampanoag and many other tribes have Africoid features. Initially, there were no African slaves in the early history of the Americas. But there were prisoners of war exiled to the colonies in the Bahamas as well as North and South America following the defeat of the Moors by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. Institutionalized slavery was imposed in 1619 when the first African slaves were shipped to Jamestown, Virginia. The invaders had already set up colonies from the time Columbus’ ship first reached the Caribbean islands in 1492.

Too many North American blacks don’t know their history, and that is very disturbing. This means that a lot of black people don’t read and, as a result, you’re ignorant and you have paid a huge price for your ignorance. This is why they don’t feel like they need to give us reparations, because they know a lot of you don’t even know that you, as the living descendents of Native American tribes and of African slaves, should have gotten reparations a long time ago. They know you’re not going to unanimously demand your reparations, because you’ve been conquered by religion and the peaceful messiah Jesus. Your government has reclassified every dark-skinned U.S. citizen into the category of African-American, because your government doesn’t want to give us reparations. A lot of you are a descendant of the wealthy Moorish nation that was exiled in the 15th Century to the North American colonies as prisoners of war. Your ancestors’ wealth was stolen, and you were stripped of your inheritance. Your wealth is locked away in the Vatican, and was also disseminated among the royal families of England, of Spain, and of Portugal.

Most Native American tribes own casinos and have their own land (free of government interference) while most black families can’t even come up with $50,000 in hard cash to bail a loved one out of jail. Which is worse? Living on a reservation with your own governments, courts, tribal laws and you own the land, or living in Section 8 government-assisted housing on welfare and food stamps? Which is worse? Being able to control your own destiny by being a job creator (because you have a bunch of casinos in Las Nevada and Arizona), or working at Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving while making $7.50 an hour?

In the event that all blacks currently living in North America receives reparations, we’ll be able to control our own destiny. This is what the government does not want. The government wants to be able to maintain power and control over the black population of North America. Because we make up much of the slave (service-industry) labor in this country, they won’t allow us to be able to control our own destiny by giving us reparations. The point of government control is to be able to control even your destiny and future.


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