The Christian Black Codes of 1724

“The Christian Black Codes of 1724, were initiated during reconstruction after the Civil war to control blacks after they were emancipated. Passed by Southern States, instead of giving blacks the same rights as white people, the codes limited the blacks freedom severely. They included that blacks had to be in service of a white person, that they could not have congregations together, that they could not speak out, and that they could not have weapons. They also included that blacks could not go out without a white ‘supervisor’, thus blacks had to take on the religions and holidays and gods of their white superiors. These same black codes were said to have been made null and void with the ratification of the 13th Amendment in 1865, although many southern states adopted “Black Codes” to keep former slaves from voting and imposed other restrictions. The 14th and 15th Amendments were to supposedly had eliminated these codes, but as you read them down below, and study the law of the land in conjunction with Religion and Politics, you’ll discover these codes have been modernized in a disguise, and many are still in affect.”

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  1. Another good reason why Black people, unconscious “Moors” need to proclaim their own Nationality and Divine Creed.

  2. Black codes still exist today. Things like racial profiling for instance. Blacks need to redeem themselves. We are not slaves any longer we are actually living souls erect here by the almighty.

  3. The Christian Black Codes are very much alive in Madison WI. The blacks from Chicago are target most and the biracial. We are being treated like slaves, and if you speak of the mistreatment put upon you you will be punish in ways u could never believe . Your civil rights that you were trick into believing in, Madison will quickly learn blacks don’t have any. Their is no fair housing, in the work force your coworker (whites) can make your life a living hell. You become a personal slave to your coworkers. Hush now, do what you are told before i get really angry and i will make it my personal mission to destroy you.Move here and i tell you, you will regret it.

  4. We know that All Churches be Any Kinda NAME are corrupt with the ministers,preachers,pastor,
    Deacons, Bible study teachers, are all in kahoots with each other to keep black people down! by giving them false hope, false prayers,and believing in fake God’s mystical magical tales that’s not true.

  5. Listen up Melinated peoples 1.WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF THOSE CHURCHES .2 WE HAVE TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN OURSTORY.3.WE HAVE TO STOP EATING THEIR FOODS/DRINKS.4. Artificial Foods are killing US off ! 5.No Blood No Starch!Eat foods that Comes from the Creator !!!!
    Rooted from the ground! USE Herbs, Fruits,and Vegetables.No canned fruit ,No Seedless!!!

  6. We know that All Churches be Any Kinda NAME are corrupt with the ministers,preachers,pastor,
    Deacons, Bible study teachers, are all in kahoots!
    They BIBLE Study everything but the Original Date of That Book (bible)and Why it was Made???
    Its a false guide to NOWHERE!!!!!!!!

  7. I spoke with a Christian from Compass Church (http://compassaz.church/) and He claims that they do not practice these codes today but He refers to Humans as misnomers and the document’s title is a misnomer of Moors so that is proof that they still practice this code. Negros, blacks, colors, Hispanics, Latinos are not safe in the christian federal corporation called the United States of America. The Christians are very sincere folks and they love You all in your corporate capacity that’s why they don’t see an issue with it. That is why they support the “black lives matter” movement because they don’t want to lose their christian property. That is the truth. “When black lives are under attack, what do We do.? Stand up right now!”

  8. The first thing that every so call black person need to do is file to become an American citizen. At the moment no matter what you believe you are not an American citizen, if you claim to be negro, black, a colored person or an African American then you are not a citizen…Ask yourself, WHAT IS MY NATIONALITY?

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