The Murder of Jonathan Sanders by Stonewall, Mississippi Racist Killer Cop Kevin Herrington and What You Should Know

You don’t stand around and watch a psychotic barbarian cop keep a man in a chokehold for 30 minutes. Period. Cop or not. Our people are going to have to start stepping up to the plate and thinking out of the box when these incidents arise, and history tells us that they will continue to arise. Change requires sacrifice. This maniacal angry white man should have never been given an audience. What transpired that night wasn’t an official taping for an episode of COPS. It was real life. Folks are watching too much reality TV, causing them to forget how to act and react in the real world. When reality happens, it’s not the time to freeze up. The system has already shown you what it is and what it will do. Another thing, we have got to stop waiting to react, based on who the victim is. We are one. We share the same struggle and the same oppression, regardless of our educational, economic, geographic background. These people sat around and literally watched their loved one be murdered right before their eyes over the span of a 30 minute reality tv show. Had they known it was him would they have reacted differently? I don’t know. What I do know is that they should not have felt that they needed to “know” the victim, in order to stop the obvious criminal nature of that pigs actions. That should have never happened. We can’t be afraid of them, fear has gotten us no where. We have to fight them. We have to stop them. We have to engage them to disengage them. There is historical evidence that should be critically considered whenever interacting with one of these blood thirsty, self loathing bigots. It’s almost always going to be about “the last man standing” when you’re dealing with a white man with chip on his shoulder, hate in his heart, exceptionalism in his mind, a badge on his shirt and a gun in his hand. Your self preservation is a right. Our self preservation is a right. It’s the first law of humanity. If you have got to die, you had better take the one who’s trying to kill you, right along with you. Liberty and Justice for All


Jonathan Sanders was unarmed when Mississippi police Officer Kevin Herrington allegedly placed him in a fatal chokehold on July 8, 2015 in Stonewall, Mississippi.

And while the Officer Kevin Herrington didn’t need to call Jonathan Sanders a “nigger” for his death to fit a nationwide pattern of anti-black police violence, that’s exactly what happened, according to attorneys representing the victim’s family.

Stonewall, Mississippi, is a small, poor community with an approximate population of 1,144, according to U.S. Census data from 2013. Seventy-seven percent of residents in that survey were white, 23% were black and 26% lived below the poverty line. Its landscape is still dominated by the brick hulk of a cotton mill that closed in 2002, leaving more than 800 people jobless.


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