The Myth of Black on Black Crime

Black on Black crime does exist, just as there is white on white crime, asian on asian crime, latino on latino crime, jew on jew crime and indian on indian crime. The reality of all crime being intra-racial is not mutually exclusive to Black people desiring to eradicate or speaking out about ending crime in our communities.


What the people say:

“Due process fails, because dead men don’t talk. So the court, the public and the news media only hear one version. The version on the executioner.”

“Majority of all crime happens within each race. White people rape other white people, black people rob other black people, Hispanic people kill other Hispanic people. What she’s saying is that there is this myth perpetuated by media that Black on Black crime is different or more prevalent than crime in other communities.”

“Self loathing Blacks behave like whites and do the work of white racists. They have been trained up in the image of whiteness. [See Black on Black crime, Religion and the behavior and actions of proxy racists] The effects of a white led, racist society, where in the majority of the non-whites, seek to become white in their standing or assimilate into whiteness via social position, white thought, white logic,white immorality, white culture and white values, is a struggle that all truly conscious, thinking Black people need to identify and eradicate from their pyschology. No one is unaffected or free from blame. Unless we all are working to end the system, institutions and practices of the white man, we are all victims, allowing it to be about race, and moreover we are all serving as Black proxy tools of the people who oppress and have oppressed us for centuries. Knowledge of self is the antidote.”

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