The White Man’s Ice is Colder

“WE can not underestimate the conditioning of slavery on our thought process. I got hit from behind in a car accident once and for months I was driving afraid so I was always looking in the rear view mirror. That was just on accident. How would I be thinking or driving if it happened over and over and over? Coons and sellouts are products of the conditioning because they are too afraid to challenge the status quo. I have to ask myself constantly am I doing the same thing/ When it comes to our economic independence, you have to ask yourself where you spend your money. I always try to chose a black lawyer, doctor, dentist, insurance agent, mechanic anything that I can to keep my money in my community. I’m not always successful but I try my best. Who does your hair , nails, where you buy gas, everywhere I spend my money I try. I give to charitable organizations that support Black causes. If we all did, change would come.”~ Yvette Odom

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