Police Brutality

Stark Difference in Treatment: 3 Afrikan Young Men Attempting to Sit In at All White Church Service

The Footage and subsequent articles and stories were all Originally Published back in Oct of 2013, Yet, it ALL REMAINS Incredibly Relevant to Our Times:

There is so much to draw from the experience that the 3 young brothers encountered while attempting to attend an all white church in Huntsville, Alabama.  First of all, it’s interesting that the way Joshua Chukwuedozie Ude, 23, is dressed is constantly being brought up.  Ude is from Nigeria and is dressed in his traditional native attire.  However that should not even be a point of contention, as last I checked, God didn’t discriminate based on attire, but apparently his followers do. Second of all, I find the behavior of the church to be extremely duplicitous in its nature. To issue a statement, clearing yourself of wrongdoing, does not equate to you being cleared of wrong doing. At least one parishioner, watched this entire ordeal transpire, and not once cared to intervene. Thirdly, the cops did not show up for no reason. They were called and by someone at the church, more than likely. The way these young men were treated represents a stark difference between how Dylann Storm Roof was treated.  Furthermore, how is it possible, STILL, in this day and age, that Afrikan people continue to worship the same God that people who call the police on them and couldn’t even care less about them being dehumanized in the church parking lot, worship?

Seems to me, had Dylann Roof been treated like these 3 young men we treated, the nation would be in a better place today.

The Story, Videos and News Reports:
Going to church three brothers looking for knowledge expecting open arms from First Baptist Church on Governors drive, Huntsville Alabama, but This is what happens…

“First Baptist Church released a statement saying the men entered the church, and two of them either took photos or recorded video with cell phones while a third spoke with ushers in the back of the church. The church’s statement said the men were never asked to leave and left of their own accord after about ten minutes.  The statement has been placed below.
“Some have speculated that First Baptist Church asked these men to leave the service because of the way they were dressed,” the church’s statement said. “First Baptist Church did not ask these men to leave the service at any time. First Baptist Church welcomes all people who wish to worship and attend our services, and does not have any type of dress code.””






























































Statement from the Church:

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