Veganism: Germ Seed of an African Cultural Revolution

Dr. John Henrik Clarke once stated that; “everything that touches your life should be an instrument of your liberation, if not, throw it into the trash can of history.”


….If the grounded-ness, militancy and organizational discipline of the Nationalist could be combined with the centeredness and the holistic health practices of the Spiritualist/Vegans, we would be a force to be reckoned with. We could provoke a cultural revolution within the Black community. The need for self-defense, economic power, and independence is clear to most and the Black Nationalists have been pushing that agenda for some time. They have great analyses of the System and how it works, what is not so clear is why we are losing ground even though we have greater understanding than we have ever had about the system of oppression. I think the problem rests in our enculturation. We reject the system but we also have been brought up into the same system. We eat, dress, socialize, and work within the same system we need to oppose. The only way to effectively resist the system and liberate our people is by fomenting a cultural revolution at the same time we struggle for a political and economic revolution. That is where Veganism comes in. If we can expand veganism, we will begin to transform, not only the health of individuals within the community, but the very culture of the Black community. Veganism can only be expanded by a fusion of Nationalism and Black Progressive Spirituality.

-Diallo Kenyatta



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