Hate Crimes

Video of Robert F. Kennedy Jr addressing the dire affects of vaccines on AFRIKAN children, duplicitous CDC complicit in evil doing

I’ve been giving you information about the DANGERS of having your children vaccinated for some time and I still strongly advise against it. One of our awesome community members alerted me about this video. This video corroborates the evidence I’ve (as well as many others) uncovered over the past 6 years that emphatically proves that the 430% increase in autism among African Americans was no accident. It’s no different than BAYER when they knowingly infected 10’s of thousands of people with their HIV infected hemophilia products in the 80’s and 90’s. Big Pharma and Big Business are some of the most sinister (son of a bitches) beings the world has ever known. They are deceitful, deceptive and nefarious to their core. As I’ve mentioned before, autism was something relatively unheard of within our community until right before the new millennium arrived. But then all of a sudden it began to become increasingly more prevalent. There are at least 3 Black Celebrities families that have autistic children (that is odd because the rate of occurrence is too high from such a relatively small sample group of people). Tony Braxton, Dwayne & Tisha Martin and Rodney & Holly Peete. The numbers are supposed to be like 1 in every 110 children but it is surprisingly odd that those Black families all birth children that would later develop autism. But those children were normal until they were purposely infected with these mercury tainted vaccines. There are 100’s of thousands of Black families that have been adversely affected by the evil and soulless measures taken by the CDC and all their collusionary cohorts, in their plot to destroy the Black family. By afflicting our Children with poisoned vaccines they know that they’ve effectively rendered them dependent for the rest of their lives and unable to have children and raise Black families. Further crippling our community for at least a generation. I’ve been telling you guys for some time now that we are at war and just don’t realize how dire our circumstance is.

-Consciously Aware


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