Hate Crimes

WATCH BBC Documentary in its Entirety: Inside the KKK 2015

“Despite what most of Americans would like to believe I can assure you that the Klan is alive and (unfortunately) well. There are many who are openly blatant with their racist beliefs and ideologies but the most dangerous members of this contingency are the undercover crackers who (hide like cowards and) work in: law enforcement, Hospitals, the Courthouse, banks and every other sector of society. The hidden, are definitely the most dangerous. They are out there and they are full of fear, they’re full of hate, they’re full of insecurity and they’re fully armed. My concern lies with the hidden. The ones that hide in the shadows are the ones that do the most harm, they hide and do their damage within the institutions and framework of society. Pretending all the while to be normal everyday people as they mask their hatred and venom with a smile. That faction, the hidden one… those are the ones we have to be prepared to deal with. ”

-Consciously Aware

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