Wentworth Elementary School in Chicago Puts Trash Bag on Nonverbal, 5 y.o. with Special Needs & Epilepsy

Chicago mother Nyesha Terry’s,  5-year-old son Lloyd Terry is a nonverbal, special needs child that has epilepsy and attends Wentworth Elementary School in Chicago.

Lloyd Terry

Lloyd Terry

When Nyesha Terry dropped by to visit her sons Lloyd’s classroom, she was horrified to find her son wearing a trash bag as a makeshift bib and seated away from the other students.

According to Terry, what she saw was disrespectful, dangerous and absolutely unnecessary — and she is absolutely right. The distraught mother complained to her son’s teacher, who excused his trash bag bib by saying that Lloyd’s excess saliva, related to his epilepsy, had gotten his shirt wet and could make him sick. Terry argued that the school had real bibs and extra clothing for Lloyd on hand. The teacher’s argument also didn’t explain why Lloyd was isolated from the other kids. #DisparateTreatment #Othering #Discrimination #Segregation

The Take Away: The more we speak up, the less our kids will be mistreated.
by Bethany Ramos

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