White gunman yells racial slurs, then fires at the office of black woman running for sheriff in Texas

On Monday, five people were taken in for questioning in relation to an apparent racial attack on the campaign office of Zena Stephens.

Stephens, who is African-American, is running for sheriff in Jefferson County, Texas.

She said that she was standing outside her campaign headquarters in Beaumont, when a white man pulled up in a white Jeep and shouted “fucking niggers” before a shot rang out and shattered the glass door.

“Anytime something like that happens with innocent people around you’re concerned for them,” Stephens said, according to NBC News. “I don’t know if it was a random act or whether it was targeted, but I just think it is, you know, ignorance.”

Stephens added that she had friends and family inside the building, which only made the whole experience “more shocking and scary.”

Police are looking into the incident and have questioned five people. They have also found the vehicle, which had a BB-style gun and a low-caliber rifle inside it.

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