White men have killed 7 of 8 cops in U.S. this year

Across the country, conservative politicians and police unions are voicing their outrage at Beyoncé, Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter movement.

We hear rumblings that some police departments are going to refuse to provide security for her concerts. Other police chiefs are actually blaming her Super Bowl performance for police shootings.

So far in 2016, eight police officers have been tragically shot and killed in the United States. That’s eight too many, but if we listened to police unions it would seem that black men with large afros or even black women dancers in afrocentric costumes are responsible for these eight deaths.

If we listened to conservative politicians, it would seem like impressionable black youth are watching Beyoncé’s halftime performance on an endless loop then going out and killing “some pigs.”

But facts. But reality. But truth.

The facts are 7 of 8 officers who’ve been killed this year in the United States have been killed by angry, armed white men.

All of these fatal police shootings paint a terrible picture. Public servants, often military vets with young children, are indeed being shot and killed all over the country, but it has nothing to do with Super Bowl performances.

These shootings have nothing to do with Black Panthers or modern black activism. That, though, is the popular story in America right now and it is nothing more than a lie.

Nearly 90% of officers who have been shot and killed in 2016 have been shot and killed by white men — violent white thugs with violent criminal pasts, but this truth is deeply inconvenient for pundits like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, not to mention Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Somehow, though, white men have taken the lives of good police officers all over this country, and Beyonce is taking the blame.

This is America. 2016.

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