Why Pan-Afrikanism Is Still Relevant

International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have proven useful to the West in channeling a united force of western dominance on the Mother continent.

Foreign Direct Investment [FDI] is dependence and aid is a contract extension for exploitation.

The error of development, as we know, is in the misconception that there exists a ladder on which a state can climb from low levels of economic prominence to high. But because there is just one economy, the world-systems economy (that is violently biased toward the West), no such ladder really exists.

This means that political and economic systems in place in Africa and the rest of the world are by function to place and maintain a heavy boot on the neck of this continent. How then is it that we continue to support these very structures at the ballot box and at the market till?

Peace and protection were accorded to the children of colonials without our consent. Primitive men ruled before African “independence” and continue to do so afterward. In this day and age, with Nelson Mandela and all, the average White South African earns almost five times as much as the average Black South African and is six times more likely to find employment.

White South Africans are also in possession of 42.5 percent of management jobs, even though White people are less than 10 percent of the South African population. Yet, South Africa is supposedly one of the better African countries to be Black in.

With imperialism and post-colonialism, countries still act as bottomless slices of the African cake for the first world to indulge in. It surely baffles the mind how anyone can think that the First World’s design is here to assist the Third World.

It’s still a mystery as far as what would happen or work. We have no crystal ball, but what is certain is that western systems and paradigms are well in place to maintain an order where westerners of any particular geographical disposition are generally superior to Africans and that is unacceptable.

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