Why White Families Teach Racism to Their Kids?

Heed the message because it’s true.
A lot of us think we have “white” friends. When in reality we really don’t. We may know them, but they are not our friends. That they exist in a white bubble, in white silence, enjoying white nirvana, while selectively and actively choosing to perpetuate white apathy, and white ignorance, should settle the case for you. This is, if you were one of the confused ones or unsure.
Consider the rate of death, dehumanization and humiliation at which Afrikan bodies have been in the news for just the last 2 years alone. If you and your “white friends” haven’t discussed any of these issues, and if theres been no attempt to understand the plight of Afrikan people in America on their part, or interest in how you may be internalizing todays climate [how you doing?], particularly if you have children, than I do not apologize for being the first to give you it straight, no chaser; they ain’t for you. Don’t get it twisted. They aint for you. The truth hurts but it will set you free. They may be nice and smile a lot when you come around, but at the end of the day; THEY. ARE.NOT. FOR.YOU.
A few others of us believe that we have “Afrikan” friends. We don’t. We may know some “black” people, but again, that doesn’t make them our friends. In fact, they are not our friends. One can not be a friends to you, if they are not a friend to themselves. How can one know you, if one doesn’t know themselves? If your black friends have no knowledge of our history, our struggle and our pain, they are not your friend. If your black friend is not working to actively improve the plight of our people, then how can they be a friend to you? If your black friend works to perpetuate white hegemony, and has no knowledge of self, they are not a friend to you. Don’t get it twisted. They aint for you. They may be nice and smile a lot when you come around, but at the end of the day; THEY. ARE.NOT. FOR.YOU.

Many of our people are operating under an unfathomable level of indoctrination, apathy, stunted growth, stark ignorance and colonized mindset. One would be hard pressed to find an Afrikan mind that is still not working through the matrix of the inculcating system of white hegemony. The affects of white hegemony have impacted us all; how we think and feel about ourselves and in many cases how we choose to love ourselves and others that look like us. For these reasons alone, many of our own people are precluded from the ranks of friendship, as they have not worked or walked toward knowing themselves first.
An indoctrinated mind is a self loathing mind. A self loathing mindset works only to sabotage. Hence, white hegemony no longer needing “white” people to fulfill it’s agenda.
Advice: Find like minded people and build. You can’t save everyone but you can save yourself and if you find someone else who’s on the same page as you, the two of you can find a third. ‪#‎KeepBuilding‬ ‪#‎KeepGrowing‬ ‪#‎KeepEmpowering‬ and ‪#‎RISE‬
Excerpt From Article;
If you have white friends who refuse to talk about racism, or deny it, they are definitely NOT your friends, because they know well racism is pervasive in their community and wide-spread. The truth here would be that your friends are not ready to give up the privileges they enjoy from racism in society.
Why is it the responsibility of black people to end racism?
We have not started this.
If you are black, racism would affect you but you have no power to end it.
It’s white people disease. Only they could deal with that if they wish.
The only thing we can do is to become strong enough not to be affected by racism. It’s the only way.
Now, get out of all the anti-racism organizations. You don’t belong there. Instead, Join African centered movements and organizations to build up.

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